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Ottmar with a Twist...

Passionate & Fiery Rumba Flamenco Latin Guitar

What's inside...

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Discover & Listen to Sensational New Music... Sensational New Music To Help You Feel Great!!! - Playing and listening to music has become a valuable tool to completely clear your mind from daily cluttered thoughts, worries and fears. Playing great music allows us to begin to feel calm, at peace, refreshed, and energized! Enter, listen & enjoy...
Free Rumba Flamenco Guitar Mp3's... Sign up to for John's performance news letter & instantly receive FREE Full Length, Cd Quality Mp3's from John's Albums. Including a song from the CD PEACE - Nominated "BEST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM" at the 2002 Westcoast Music Awards!
Free Guitar Lessons with Free Guitar Tabs... Guitar players can learn to play fiery rumba flamenco guitar music! Lessons include mp3 sound bites and tabs. Also learn to write your own music and analize music by John and others such as nouveau flamenco guitarist Ottmar Liebert.
What others are saying...
"Thanks for the relaxing music that my wife and I have enjoyed many times with a fire and a glass of wine. It also makes fantastic background music for our dinner parties and gatherings in the back yard."
Avril & Ed Atkinson
"I am currently playing "Freedom" as I email you and have to say it is truly incredible! It totally hit us that your music WAS the perfect gift."
Ronelle Roode-Brothers
"The music is terrific. As an added bonus, the disc's recording quality is first rate. You'll be playing "air flamenco" before the first cut is over!"
Thomas Melanson
Congratulations, you've done it again! This is another beautiful collection of music to dream by. Wow!
Mimi Lawrence
The style is called "nouveau flamenco" and Langley acoustic guitarist John Gilliat is blazingly good at it. Light a candle, pour some camomile and don't wonder how he moves his hands so fast or you'll just stress.

John P. McLaughlin
The Vancouver Province

"This music is very good - sophisticated, varied and just plain amazing to hear what he can make that guitar do."

Peter Dolan

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