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"Learn to Play Fiery Rumba Flamenco Guitar" Is a 1 hour and 30 minute, video set, and music booklet.

These one on one Instructional videos reveals John’s approach and Secrets to playing this wonderfully powerful music form.

Learn to Play Exciting & Percussive Rumba Rhythms, Discover John’s Approach to Playing Fiery Flamenco Techniques, Learn to Write your own Rumba Flamenco Compositions, Learn to Improvise your own Solo’s Jam Along Together with John, John Reveals his Secrets to Playing single notes & Developing High Velocity Scale Runs

Video Bonus !

Learn to Play Rumba Flamenco Guitar includes "Freedom"... John's Fiery Rumba Flamenco composition from his original debut Cd. Learn to play it with John slowly, then at tempo and Jam on it!

Also, John takes you through his creative process to writing and playing his new composition "Escape", as recorded on the Winter Strings Cd. Learn it and play it together with John.

"I appreciate the fact that your the type of person who pays attention to detail, you cut no corners on the video, it's comprehensive, step by step, easy to understand regardless of one's playing level, if one studies it the way you have presented it they will be very please with their progress. I was up till 12:00 PM playing your video, it's Fantastic."

Alton Ledbetter, San Diego, CA

"I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your videos on playing fiery rumba guitar. I liked it so much I have just ordered 2 more to give as presents to a couple close friends. Thank you for bringing the passion I once had for playing my guitar years ago back. I even splurged last week and bought a new guitar after 30 years."

Brenda Shaw, North Vancouver, BC

"John, I received your instructional dvd series yesterday and spent the entire evening reviewing its contents. I loved the music and the instruction - especially the Flamenco solo section. Thanks for putting this program together for aspiring Nuevo Flamenco guitarist to learn from.

You are one of only a few Flamenco guitarist who bother to 'give back' to the community by sharing your knowledge with aspiring guitarist in instructional video format. Besides yourself and Juan Martin (who is incredible too), all of the other Flamenco guitar instructional programs on the market that I've seen share very little about Nuevo Flamenco solos. Congratulations on your program! It was fantastic."

Stefan Vale

"I received your rumba guitar course. Great course, very inspirational. I will be using it a lot. You make it look so easy."

Richard Garcia, Henderson, Nevada, USA

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